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Every Hare Krishna devotee has a unique story as to how they came to Krishna consciousness. Krishna often works in wonderful and mysterious ways. We understand that Krishna's hand is behind everything so when a devotee looks back on his life he is often able to see the hand of Krishna working directly in his life.

Prasadam 1st Birthday Party 03:41

Prasadam 1st Birthday Party

How we can distribute prasadam pure mercy of the Lord? How we can introduce Krsna to the others attractively? How we can offer our daily activities and sense pleasures to the service of the Lord? This is the first birthday party of my son, all dedicated to the service of the Lord.

Hare Krishna Little Baby!!! 04:35

Hare Krishna Little Baby!!!

Our children are the souls that are sent to us by Lord. To love them and to show the path of Absolute Truth is our duty. We can sow the seeds of love of the Supreme into his heart at an early age.But the relationship between the Lord and the soul is unique. Every soul has a free will. Youtube account:

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My Experience Quitting My Job

Hare Krishna. I am Manjunath from Bangalore India. Well today I am very happy to tell

Visiting 108 Temples in South India 05:48

Visiting 108 Temples in South India

Manjunath Journeys to the Supreme Abode. 108 Divyadarsans, 108 Temples. Hare Krishna,

My Hare Krishna Family 48:17

My Hare Krishna Family

A beautiful documentary produced by a South African television personality who happen

Mahamantra Laughing Therapy

Chanting Hare Krishna gives transcendental pleasure.

Tribhuvanatha Prabhu defeating Born Again Christians University Uganda

Tribhuvanatha Prabhu, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada, refutes the fanatic remarks of

The Process of Chanting Hare Krishna 05:56

The Process of Chanting Hare Krishna

Video describing the process of how to chant Hare Krishna.

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