Lord Jesus Christ and Christianity


God is one and His message is one. We get confused sometimes because God sends different messengers to various countries at different times. All the true representatives of God have only one message to share with the people. And these saints and prophets distribute the word of God in the local language and explain it to the people using examples they can relate to. So actually the Christianity of Jesus Christ and the teachings of Lord Krishna are the same message.

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Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross? 49:10

Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross?

Film explores the crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ. Interestingly from our point of v

God On Trial 35:10

God On Trial

The existence of God proved in a court of law.

Jesus in India? -- BBC Documentary 42:14

Jesus in India? -- BBC Documentary

Investigates the possibility that Jesus spent his youth in India and returned to prea

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