Science and Krishna Consciousness


Krishna consciousness is the real science. Science of the search for knowledge but because the scientists search for knowledge using information gathered through their imperfect senses their conclusions are doomed to be forever faulty. On the other hand the Krishna conscious scientist does not depend on his imperfect sense perception for knowledge. No. He receives the knowledge from a perfect authority. There are two ways to acquire knowledge. One is by the ascending process, that is the process used by scientists, on the strength of observation they formulate hypotheses and by experimentation they attempt to prove or disprove their hypothesis. This is a flawed process that will never yield satisfactory results because the very senses the scientist uses to acquire his knowledge with are themselves faulty. The Krishna conscious scientist does not have this problem because he receives perfect knowledge directly from a perfect authority. This comes in the form of the Vedas. Veda means knowledge and the Vedas is the repository of all knowledge both spiritual and material. For perfect knowledge we simply need to refer to the perfect books of knowledge, the Vedas.