Interfaith Discussions


Television programs where Hare Krishna devotees engage in interfaith discussions with members of different religions. Actually Krishna consciosuness is not a religion as the word religion is defined in the English language. Krishna consciousness is defined as sanatana dharma, our eternal occupation. It is not a sectarian religion. It is not a belief, it is not something that we can change. Krishna consciousness is to living entities like wetness is to water. The constitutional position of water is it is wet. The wetness can not be taken from the water. If it is not wet it is not water. Similarly Krishna consciousness is the eternal occupation of every living entity. It can not be changed.

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Perspectives TV Show 29:01

Perspectives TV Show

A US television show with four Christian ministers interviewing Rupanuga Prabhu, one

Challenge My Sermon -- Umapati Das 29:23

Challenge My Sermon -- Umapati Das

From 1972 US Television show Challenge My Sermon. Umapati das presents a sermon o

American Religious Town Hall TV Program (1980's) 31:27

American Religious Town Hall TV Program (1980's)

An edition of the US television program American Religious Town Hall where a group

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