A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon 1080p HD -- Bart Sibrel 2001

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    A reel of film mistakenly released by NASA shows the Apollo astronauts faking a shot of the earth, making it appear they were half way to the moon when, in real


    A reel of film mistakenly released by NASA shows the Apollo astronauts faking a shot of the earth, making it appear they were half way to the moon when, in reality, they were only a couple of hundred miles up, in earth orbit.

    This is obviously genuine NASA film, sections of it were used in the "live" stream broadcast on television worldwide.

    So this film clearly establishes the "live streams" were pre-recoreded and all the Apollo missions did was launch into earth orbit, and then land at the appointed time.

    "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Moon" is probably the best film ever produced on the NASA Apollo missions as it provides us with:

    - A good explanation of the motives the United States government had for faking a landing on the moon.
    - Conclusive proof the Apollo craft was actually orbiting earth when NASA were telling the world it was half way to the moon.
    - Conclusive proof the astronauts, with the help of ground control, faked shots of the earth in the distance by turning off the lights and shooting a round window masked to make it appear like the earth in the distance, while actually they were still orbiting the earth.
    - A good explanation of the inconsistencies in NASA's story.

    Overall "A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Moon" is a short film everyone needs to see.

    Even if you have watched it before.

    Not it is looking so much better in 1080p HD, watch it again and be amazed.

    Original Description by Bart Sibrel:

    Award winning filmmaker Bart Sibrel (Sibrel.com) presents his highly acclaimed (and much hated) controversial documentary showcasing newly discovered behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first mission to the moon, proving conclusively that the crew never left earth orbit.

    Never before in all of recorded aviation has a flying machine worked on its very first attempt, much less the most complicated one ever created, landing on another planet on its maiden voyage and returning roundtrip with a crew that lived to tell, all with antiquated 1960's technology, even though the feat cannot be repeated today, by any nation on earth, with 50 years more technological advancements in rockets and computers, thus failing the simplest of scientific protocols, that of independent verification and duplication.

    Religious attachment to this blasphemous lie, clouds most peoples' perception of the deplorability reality, that of a government deception, on a universal scale, to boost domestic morale during a time of unprecedented civil unrest from the vastly unpopular Vietnam War, all during the notorious Nixon administration.

    Have you ever wonder why they claimed to have walked on the moon, on the very first attempt (even though, right here on earth, Mt.

    Everest and the South Pole took numerous tries before success), allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with very rudimentary 1960's technology (a cell phone has one million times the computing power than all of NASA in 1969), yet 50 years later, the farthest an astronaut can travel from the Earth to the moon is only 1 / 1000th the distance as they claimed 5 decades ago with antique equipment on their very first try?

    In this newly discovered, unedited, behind-the-scenes footage of outtakes from the first "mission to the moon", the crew is seen using a one foot diameter model of the earth, from earth orbit, in order to create the false illusion for the television viewers that they are half way to the moon, when in fact, they never left earth orbit, which is exactly the farthest limit that NASA can send astronauts today, with 50 years better rocket and computer technology.

    The CIA is even heard on a private, third audio channel, prompting the crew to respond to Mission Control only after four seconds have elapsed, in order to create the false impression of an increased radio delay, so as to appear farther from the earth than they really were.

    According to William Kaysing, a senior 6 year NASA contractor for the "Apollo" missions, who had the highest of security clearances, a classified interdepartmental memo rated the odds of a survivable manned lunar mission, on its first attempt with primitive 1960's technology, at only one in ten thousand.

    The only way to assure success, and not risk killing the crew on live international television, was an artful bluff by the shrewd Nixon administration, along with their well acquainted counterparts in the CIA.

    Sibrel has been interviewed, and his documentary about the moon landings have been featured on, The Tonight Show, The Daily Show, Geraldo at Large, The Abrams Report, Coast to Coast, NBC, CNN, FOX, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The L.A.

    Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today.

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