A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Moon

  • Perhaps the best film documenting "The Greatest Government Conspiracy of All Time." Exposes the fact that the Apollo moon missions were faked and provides compelling evidence from NASA's own previously unreleased film footage showing astronauts in the Apollo capsule clearly in earth orbit just the day before they were supposedly walking on the moon...
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  • The miserable looking astronauts, the flag that never stops waving (how long does it take a flag to settle down on the moon? lol), Armstrong and Company faking an earth shot, this is enough to show that no one ever went to the moon. There is lots more evidence, but just this suffices. Very good documentary even though it started off slow.

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  • What flimsily-argued drivel. Even a presentation as simplistic as the Mythbusters Moon Hoax special is sufficient to blow holes in most of the claims here. Can't believe the video dredges up the Tower of Babel and the Titanic. How about focusing on the many wonderful discoveries and contributions of mankind. Good on you, Tama747, for bringing some sense to the conversation.

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  • The Apollo astronauts traveled through the Van Allen radiation belts on the way to the Moon; however, exposure was minimized by following a trajectory along the edge of the belts that avoided the strongest areas of radiation.[21] The total radiation exposure to astronauts was estimated to be much less than the five (5) rem set by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission for people who work with radioactivity.[22]

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  • Hare Krsna, this was a very well put together video. For me it just confirms what I though all along . Our government continues to deceive it's citizens but THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT- IT ALWAYS DOES - KRSNA'S MERCY

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