Perfect Questions Perfect Answers -- Interview -- Srila Prabhupada -- Philadelphia 1975

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    Ann Jones, a reporter from the Philadelphia Enquirer and Sandy Nixon have compiled a list of questions for Srila Prabhupada.

    Sandy Nixon pla


    Ann Jones, a reporter from the Philadelphia Enquirer and Sandy Nixon have compiled a list of questions for Srila Prabhupada.

    Sandy Nixon planned to write a book and a New York Times magazine article on the spiritual masters who were influencing Americans at the time.

    Her idea for the book was to let people know what Krishna consciousness is about.

    She asked fifteen questions and the first one was, "What is Krishna Consciousness?"

    Srila Prabhupada replied: "Krishna means God and we are all connected with Krishna, God.

    God is the original father therefore we have got intimate connection with Krishna, so we have forgotten it.

    What is Krishna? What is my connection with Him? What is the aim of life? All these questions there are and when one becomes interested in such questions, he is called Krishna conscious.

    Sandy's second question was, "How did Krishna consciousness develop?"

    Srila Prabhupada replied: "Krishna consciousness is already there in everyone's core of heart but due to one's material conditional life he has forgotten it.

    So this process of chanting Hare Krishna maha mantra means to revive that consciousness.

    It is already there.

    Just like a few days ago these American and European boys and girls, they did not know who is Krishna but now you have seen yesterday how throughout the whole procession they were chanting and dancing in ecstasy.

    So do you think that is artificial? No.

    Artificially nobody can chant and dance for hours together.

    That means the awakening of Krishna consciousness.

    It was there and by the bonafide process it is now awakened.

    That is explained: "The Krishna consciousness is dormant in everyone's heart.

    So when he comes in contact with devotees that is awakened.

    Just like to be attracted by a young girl or a young boy, it is there in the child, in the small child, it is there and when he will be young, then it will be awakened.

    It is not that artificial.

    So in association it is awakened.

    The potency is there already but in good association, by hearing about Krishna one is awakened to the status of Krishna consciousness.

    Sandy Nixon's third question was: "What is the difference between Krishna consciousness and Christ consciousness?"

    Srila Prabhupada replied: "Christ consciousness is also Krishna consciousenss but people do not follow the rules and regulations of Christianity therefore they are not awakened.

    The commandments of Christ, they do not follow, therefore they do not come to the standard of consciousness.

    Sandy's forth question was "What is unique about Krishna consciousness that separates it form all other religions? Is it a religion?"

    Srila Prabhupada answers: "Religion means primarily to know God and love Him, that is religion.

    But nobody knows God, and what to speak of loving Him? Nobody is trained up, how to know God and how to love Him.

    They are satisfied by going to the church, "O God give us our daily bread." That also not everyone goes.

    So the communist says that, "You don't go to the church, bread we shall supply." So poor innocent persons, they get bread elsewhere, so they do not go to church but nobody is serious to know what is God and how to love Him.

    Nobody is serious.Therefore in Bhagavatam it is said that it is cheating religion.

    I profess some religion but I do not know what is God and how to love Him.

    So that type of religion is cheating religion.

    Religion means to know God and love Him but generally a man does not know what is God and what to speak of loving him? So therefore that is cheating religion, that is not religion.

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