Adelaide Chanting Ban -- Seven State Affair Australia 1980s

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  • Debbie Williams Spoken by a filthy child molesting criminal !! The temple in adelaide in this time was, and probably still corrupt.Selling imported oil paintings on the street, and other items. members engaging in activities that were fraudulent, illegal and under the guidance of this creep. Charles Bacis, arrested for disgusting acts against children..and he is still around !! members in this time..names prob incorrect spelling...kreepa Khara...his wife jaleyu....udhuva...sava dumahn.....maha parush, and others that I cannot remember at this time. Two young women in the temple in Frome st at this time, subjected to sexual abuse, and they were underage. Of course not given any support, or justice. I doubt anything has changed, rather yet again, ongoing dishonest criminals, just different people.