The Hare Krishna Cult - BBC London 1980

  • The English television show "Credo" produced an entire episode of their program in the mid 80's documenting the lives of the devotees who had joined the ISKCON Soho Street Hare Krishna temple. It is a wonderful documentary on the life of the Hare Krishna monks in the mid 80's in the center of London. It is a part of a BBC television series on new religious movement and cults.
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  • hare krsna
    nice video haribol

    By: pranaygupta51 Send PM View profile

  • Wow! those were the days! For a cult program that documentary was very positive!

    By: balaram Send PM View profile

  • Hare Krsna all!
    nice video! just one thing is that the mind is not allowed to wonder during sleep. Prabhupada said to chant 24 hours a day and when a disciple asked him even when you sleep, he replied yes. The disciple snuck into Prabhupada's room to see if he was chanting in his sleep and he was...Haribol! :D
    your servant

    By: priya Send PM View profile